1960s & 1970s

Murray Nason establishes M.R. Nason Construction Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta.

Over the next 15 years, the company is responsible for building many of the city’s landmarks including bridges, churches and retail centres.

Nason Construction Ltd. is formed with a focus on environmental projects.

Nason constructs its first water treatment plant in Brule, Alberta.

The company ventures to Northern Canada for the first time to build a water reservoir and pump house in Mayo, Yukon.

The demand to further Nason expertise leads to the addition of mechanical and electrical divisions as the firm’s name changes to Nason Contracting Group Ltd.

The firm constructs its first large scale treatment facility to service the largest Canadian Forces Base in Suffield, Alberta.

Nason completes its first design-build water treatment facility at Port Hardy, British Columbia.

The company constructs its first municipal membrane water treatment plant in Fort McKay, Alberta.

Nason's construction of the membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plant in Southshore, Alberta marks the first of its kind in Western Canada.

An earthworks division is added to Nason's area of expertises to perform excavation, earthworks and underground piping for environmental projects.

Nason completes construction of the first surface water plant in the world to utilize a biological treatment process at the Saddle Lake Water Treatment Plant in Alberta.

Nason is acquired by Bird Construction, a leading general contractor in Canada. The two companies complement each other with Nason's strong abilities in the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works and Bird's civil construction and general contracting knowledge.